Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not everything should be a facebook status

Not everything should be a facebook status.

Some tears are private.

I know that my facebook status updates recently have been reasonably 'chirpy'. I think that most of my real friends would know how the tears still flow every day. I think they would have some idea of how much I miss my Chris. How desperately I wish he was still here. How much I want to hold him, to talk to him.

It makes me wonder how many others do the same. Cry private tears that we don't see. Have secret frustrations and heart break they don't share. Are emails, texts, facebook and twitter really connecting us? Is 140 characters really enough?

In the meantime I'll keep getting out of bed, keep believing that facebook is enough to get the support I need from friends far away. I'll put my boots on and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

And I'll try and remember that I'm really not alone. We all have private tears for someone, a lost dream, a broken heart. Until we are in that place where there is no more tears, no more waiting, no more pain and instead we are dancing with angels ... I am here for you.

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